Talent Stories I The Experience of Yasin Karabulut I Production Engineer

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We talked with Yasin Karabulut, Production Engineer at Catalay. Discover more about his experience and ambitions in our recent discussion: 

Why did you choose to join Catalay and start consultancy?

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and undertake new things. I am originally from France, and I was seeking opportunities abroad. I received a call from Basri Pehlivan, who immediately made me feel at ease and motivated me to continue with Catalay.

I think that becoming a consultant is beneficial because you are involved in different activities and sectors. It provides you with the opportunity to gain a lot of experience, so I don’t regret choosing that road! 

What are your responsibilities as Production Engineer?

I wear many different hats. 

I focus on projects aimed at improving certain key performance indicators. Essentially, I explore ways to make the factory more profitable by implementing certain actions. I also conduct training sessions on the implementation of the 5S methodology, which is an improvement method to maintain the production lines in a clean state. 

Additionally, I am involved in resolving equipment breakdowns, training operators on new CAPM systems (Computer-Aided Production Management) and the production monitoring system, such as stoppages and slowdowns.

What projects have you been able to achieve?

Catalay has helped me reach the professional goals I set for myself:  

–Managing and improving the optimization of production lines.  

–Transmitting my knowledge in the implementation of 5S on production lines through trainings. 

The team also helps me to see things with a fresh perspective and helps me identify my needs or interests to determine if I could participate in certain training sessions.  

How would you describe the Catalay community?

It’s like a big family. Everyone is transparent, we handle problems and situations together and find compromises. We receive personal attention and guidance, and I think that’s important for our development. 

What do you think makes the difference at Catalay?

Catalay is a real springboard for developing knowledge in various fields. When you are motivated and committed, you can achieve goals quickly. Being surrounded by the Catalay team has helped me get out of my comfort zone.  

Thanks to Catalay, I have been able to live multiple experiences. They allowed me to find missions, share my knowledge, and enhance my credibility with market leaders.  

Thank you, Yasin for the inspiring conversation!  


Written by Alyssa Lefever

Marketing Officer at Sisu Group