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Catalay is the best home for highly skilled engineers who want to work in a positive and vibrant environment.

A Belgian engineering company and part of Sisu Group.

At Catalay, we aim for a multi-sector approach.

We operate in challenging environments where having the necessary expertise in particular fields is key.

For this, we surround ourselves with professionals who have thorough in-depth expertise and a track record on various projects in different sectors.

Areas of expertise

How we do what we do.



‘pledged or bound to a certain course or policy; dedicated’ We practice active listening to understand our clients’ needs and always aim to stay one step ahead to deliver the best results. Quality is key, and we’re in it for the long run.



‘free of deceit, truthful and sincere’ What is on the inside is on the outside. Catalay relies on transparent communication for the day-to-day management of our professional relationships. This truthful and sincere communication allows building long-term partnerships between our teams and our clients.



‘amusing entertaining, or enjoyable’ At Catalay, we want to be a fun and valuable company for our employees. Our employees offer us high-quality work. In return, we like to give them a good time at work. Outside of the working hours we also organize joint activities. Work hard, play hard!

The story of


“What I like most about working with Catalay is their responsiveness and openness throughout the complete recruitment cycle.”

Catherine Dufour – Nexans

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“Catalay is close to its employees. They know how to put you in the spotlight and show you how important you are to them.”

Xavier Verhulst – Commissioning Engineer

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“Catalay differentiates itself from other consultancy companies in their personalized approach and the outstanding interpersonal skills of their employees.”

Elisa Lauricella – Mobix

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