Talent Stories I The Experience of Nicolas Godart I Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

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We talked with Nicolas Godart, Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. Find out more about his experience, the intricacies of his job and what he has to say about the Catalay culture.

How did you get started at Catalay? 

I stayed for about 6 years at my previous job as an intern in a cement works before Basri Pehlivan reached out to me. I found it interesting to switch to this type of contract and become a consultant. 

I was apprehensive about consultancy at first. But it’s a new approach and I find working closely with large, well-known groups attractive. You might think that people with little experience wouldn’t get into consultancy and that it only applies to young graduates, but that’s not the case at all. The Catalay team adapted to my needs, which I find really valuable. 

I worked with Catalay for 1 year and I was recently internalised at NLMK. The team is open to hearing consultants’ opinions and took my ambitions and projects into account when I shared my willingness to continue with NLMK. 

Are you also in contact with other Catalay consultants?

I am currently working with other consultants from Catalay. It’s great to have this link with other people from Catalay and to identify and recognise yourself in what they’re going through. 

Have you ever attended any in-house training courses organised by Catalay?

I took part in a training session on the importance of saying no, which was given by PJ Brady. The fact that we have this opportunity to follow all sorts of training, technical or more soft-skills related, is really nice. 

Can you tell me about an interesting project you were involved in when you worked at Catalay?

I studied electromechanical engineering, which gave me a lot of experience, more in mechanics than electronics. 

The role I am currently fulfilling is mechanical maintenance engineer in the pickling department at NLMK. It’s a lively job that requires a lot of on-site work. It allows me to work more on the technical side of things, which is something I enjoy doing!

What is the aim of the project you are working on? 

I am improving processes, ensuring that there are as few breakdowns as possible and that the machines are reliable. These are sometimes major operations, and you have to put your back into it. It involves operational and maintenance work. 

It’s also worth noting that every day is different. You have a vague idea of how your day will be structured, but otherwise, you’re always surprised by what you will encounter that day.

What is the first reason you would recommend Catalay to your peers?

I recommend joining Catalay because it’s a team that listens to your needs and acts on them. You can also tell that Pascal Severs, the Managing Director, is very meticulous and makes sure that everyone feels good within the company. The whole team is involved.


Written by Alyssa Lefever

Marketing Officer