Talent Stories I The Experience of Julien I Piping Mechanic

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Two years ago, Julien joined Catalay. He currently works as a Piping Mechanic in the nuclear sector.

Julien guides us through his responsibilities on-site and explains how coming across Catalay has helped him give a boost to his career.

Can you briefly explain what your role entails as a Piping Mechanic? 

As a Piping Mechanic in the nuclear sector, my role is to check that internal procedures in the technical departments comply with the regulations and foreseen codes. We work on quality-oriented projects that correspond to internal procedures and it is my responsibility to carry out the necessary checks at the end of the process to validate the work.

We mainly work on piping, valves and exchangers and make sure that heat is transferred properly from one circuit to another.

What did you study to become a player in the nuclear world? 

I’m originally a chemist, but I switched to destructive testing afterwards. I briefly worked as a non-destructive testing inspector and I ended up moving on to Quality Control, which is a bit more advanced, I would say.

Did you know that Catalay recently took part in the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris ? 

Yes, I did know! Nuclear has always been the main source of power in France.

The French and the Belgian codes of conduct are based on different ways of working, and I think it is interesting for Catalay to attend such events to get to know the French modus operandi and to meet industry leaders.

What motivates you in your everyday role?

My daily drive is to ensure that quality evolves in the right direction. I like to give advice and to improve our ways of thinking and our potential. Some periods are more challenging and demanding than others, but together with my team, we ensure that everything flows smoothly. 

How does Catalay help you advance your career plans within the nuclear industry? 

I get along really well with my person of contact, Arnaud Vandeput. The overall atmosphere at a company is something I attach importance to and is one of the reasons I love being at Catalay. 

When I needed a boost in my career, the Catalay team was there to get me into one of the industry-leading companies in nuclear. They check on me regularly, they organise events and trainings. It’s a family-like atmosphere and I find that valuable.

Are you also in contact with other Catalay consultants? 

I work with some of them on the daily. When there are newcomers who have to get to grips with new softwares, I try to unblock the situation and give them advice so that they can be as operational as possible.

This insightful discussion with Julien helped us get a thorough look into his day-to-day life and get to know him better on a personal level. Thank you for reading!


Written by Alyssa Lefever

Marketing Officer