Our expert’s opinion: Industry 4.0

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Have you already heard about Industry 4.0 ?

Nowadays we are facing a lot of innovations, changes, transformation through big data, artificial intelligence, connected environments, …

In order to enhance the optimization of operational processes and manufacturing operations, … many companies are currently implementing the Industry 4.0.

It refers to the intelligent networking of machines and processes for industry with the help of information and communication technology (Plattform Industrie 4.0)

According to a report from Boston Consulting Group in 2016, Industry 4.0 offers multiple benefits : increased productivity, flexibility, quality and speed.

“Businesses with comprehensive Industry 4.0 strategies believe they are far more successful across multiple dimensions, including measures related to financial performance, societal impact, talent, and technology investment” (Deloitte)

However, the Boston Consulting Group identified some challenges and risks for companies such as the definition of a strategy, rethinking of the organization and processes to maximize outcomes, understanding the business case, conducting successful pilots, change management, information management, cyber(security) (and privacy), …

In fact, even ten years after the “launch” of Industry 4.0 we see that most enterprises are still in the quite early stages of their cyber-physical convergence efforts per at least one analyst. (I-Scope, 2022).

Today Industry 4.0 is still primarily focused on the early stages of transformation and “maturity” from a benefit and potential perspective: productivity improvement, automation and optimization of operational processes, business processes, …

And you ?

We would be curious to know more about your experiences?

Are you implanting this kind of innovation in your company ? Why ? Have you noticed any changes / improvement ?

Are you struggling with similar issues ? How are you dealing with ?  

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Written by Marie Foret

Marie is Talent Acquisition at Catalay. Her role is to connect engineering talents with their next oppportunity.