Engineer in the spotlight: Steven Claessens

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Engineer in the spotlight: Steven Claessens

1) How did you become an engineer at Catalay?

Back in 2015 I was detached to a project by a competitor. My project was just finished when I received a phone call from Simon. He asked me what my talents were, and told me he had the perfect job that matched with my abilities. At first I told him no…But he was very persuasive! I became a Strandie and started to work at Tessenderlo Chemie. Now that Strand has integrated with Catalay, I’m happy to be part of this next chapter!

I ended up improving my job content, salary, and work environment.  It was an excellent match, as I’m still working there today!

2) What’s the best thing about being a Project Consultant at Catalay?

Catalay has a good overview of interesting employers and projects, you can go where the action is. Every time you work somewhere, you learn about how the company works, their standards, and its specialties. 

3) Describe our company in 3 words

Efficient, smart, style

4) What is your biggest win at our company so far?

I’m matched very well with my current team and employer. At a relatively young age, I got the opportunity to design large and interesting projects across “engineering boundaries”. They gave me a job where I was able to think and work outside the box.

5) Tell us something surprising about yourself.

When the war in Ukraine started, I had sleepless nights. I thought about my own wife and children, and how safe they were. I woke up with a plan: #EENPAKVANMIJNHART was born. The idea was to send a van with clothing, food and medicine so I started to fill boxes with products. Once they were full, I transported them. Soon enough, one van became several vans and now I am about to send my second big truck over there.

My idea evolved from a one-man-operation to a brilliant team of volunteers, and several supermarkets and pharmacies as involved partners. If anyone is interested, they can stay up-to-date about #EENPAKVANMIJNHART on Facebook or Instagram.

6) If you could pick any superpower, what would you choose?

I would like the ability to stretch time. Life would be more practical if I had 48 hours in one day to balance work, family, friends, projects, entertainment, and travel. 

7) What advice do you have for other professionals?

If you want to be successful, you need to be part of a team, a tribe, or a family. In my experience, when you look after Strand/Catalay, they look after you. And then, the sky is the limit!