Our expert’s opinion: Brussels, a laboratory for the growth of sustainable urban development

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Brussels, a laboratory for the growth of sustainable urban development

Energy saving is today more than ever, a subject that affects us all.

Besides how we consume, constructing and renovating our buildings is becoming essential in our development toward a more sustainable future and the fight against global warming.

As you can read in the article(link below), the climate ambitions of the Brussels region have pushed the regional authorities to establish passive building standards in order to contribute to the advent of sustainable urbanism. Brussels is now a pioneer in sustainable urbanism and architecture.

As business adviser for our clients in construction, we sew how vital the market demand in this field is. In order to contribute to this development, we are constantly in contact with engineers who want to get involved in energy-saving for our buildings. We also encourage future engineers who are still in their studies to follow this direction, as it is one of the most important topics for our future.

Discover in this article from” the Brussels Times” the original ideas of Belgian entrepreneurs and other European cities to contribute to a greener building world.

And you, do you think we are going in the right direction? Do you maybe have any other ideas? Feel free to share your opinion.


Written by Benjamin Ducène

Business Manager at Catalay