Engineer in the spotlight: Geoffrey Dumoulin

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November’s engineer in the spotlight

As we continue to highlight the people behind the expertise. In this month’s spotlight, we are interviewing Geoffrey Dumoulin.

Geoffrey is a Project Manager. He is being a consultant for almost 5 years at Catalay.

Hi Geoffrey, if you could give one important piece of advice to others in your function, what would it be?

“Do not follow the (theoretical) Project Management Methodologies but let them be a guideline for your tasks.”

Tell us something about an interesting hobby or passion!

“Together with my girlfriend, we have many animals (3 dogs, 4 cats, 3 horses, a lot of Indian runner ducks & chickens, and even 4 alpacas).

Before and after work, we take care of all these animals. Almost every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning you will find me at my dog school, Kyon. Where I train, together with six other volunteers, around 100 dogs a year in the obedience dog sport.

14 years ago, I started my first puppy lessons with Luna, a 3-month-old Spanish Galgo at Kyon. She was rescued from Spain. One characteristic of a Galgo is stubbornness. This is wherefore you do not see them much in a lot of dog sports. I wanted to prove absolutely that she could learn something (which you finally did!).

After a few years, I started to help train the other dogs, and I became chairman of Kyon in 2016. It is something completely different from what I do during the day. Being with my animals gives me a relaxed feeling. There are always happy to see me (or the food that I have with me). At Kyon, it is the fact that you see inexperienced dogs evaluate to perfect experienced dogs which gives me a boost of energy. I love to share knowledge with other animal-minded persons.

As I mentioned earlier, working with animals gives you a relaxed feeling. It helps to stop thinking about your professional challenges during your free time.”

What was your favorite Catalay event so far?

“So far, I only did one, the Yearly Summit, but I’m sure that every Catalay event will be next level! It was amazing that we could see some old and new faces after the different lockdowns. A real-life event differs from an online event (which was also great!!)”

What’s the best thing about being a Project Consultant at Catalay?

“Knowing that Catalay will always support you.”

How would you describe Catalay in 3 words?


What’s your biggest win at Catalay so far?

“Being a Strandie/Catalay consultant for almost 5 years!”

Thank you Geoffrey for sharing your story!

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